Deep Time Project Voyager App

Deep Time Project Voyager App

A message from Moira Jenkins

Please will all of you have a look and download Voyager app.  This was produced as part of the Deep Time project.  See website

The app covers 4 areas –

Cat’s Back (on edge of Black Mountains), Wye Gorge,  Martley area, Lickey Hills.  There also apps for Bredon Hill, Wilderness (Gloucestershire) and the Malvern Hills.  The apps are designed for school children.  There is a map and if you have a smart phone, it uses GPS to plot where you are.  You can then click to see what the environment of deposition of the rocks was like, what kind of conditions there were, what fossils,  etc.  There are tasks for children, asking them questions.  It is great fun to play with.  I can use it without GPS by clicking on different points on the map.

Please download the App and have a play with it.  There is also an App Geoexplore which enables you to do recording of geological sites.  It has GPS to record grid references, a compass clinometer and much more.

Please have a look at the EHT website  to see some of the work of the EHT, some of which I was involved in.


which tells you about the Champions Project, some of whose sites we visited on the September Malvern Hills fieldtrip.

There is also     the website for the Abberley and Malvern Hills Geopark.

On our fieldtrip we saw a trilobite sign which marks the route of the Geopark Way (109 mile long distance footpath looking at geology from Bridgnorth to Gloucester.)  This has now been recognised as a long distance footpath and will be shown on any OS maps produced in future.  EHT have published a 2nd edition this year after selling out the first print run.

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