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Robert Neil Munro answers questions on UNEP’s Archive Scanning Project in Sudan at:

Robert Neil Munro, from Edinburgh, trained in geology-geography-soil science at Aberystwyth. With Hunting Technical Services from 1996-1972, as a soil surveyor in Ethiopia, with later assignments in Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Jordan, Somalia, Ghana, Sudan: in all 55 development projects in 27 countries, including the UNEP PCA of Afghanistan (2002). From 2005 he has been back to Tigray, Ethiopia making repeat photography: the earliest photos date from 1868. With Ethiopian and Belgium colleagues it has been found that soil erosion has decreased due to soil and water conservation efforts initiated in the 1970s and 80s.

Neil is active in promoting sand stabilization in Yemen and Sudan, and on the proper use of land resources. His main duties in Sudan are with the Darfur Land Commission as team leader of a many-themed mapping programme of Darfur (with GAF AG), and with UNEP managing the Sudan Environmental Resources Scanning Project: this has scanned a very large UK based Sudan archive of natural resource documents and maps; additional new archives are being electronically captured in Sudan. Scanned data is made available to development workers, and the hard-won experience from the past will continue to be accessible, useful and applied to contemporary issues.

To learn more about the UNEP, DFID funded, Sudan archive scanning project go to:
and search ‘Sudan’ at where many documents and maps are available.

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