John Bibby:

John Bibby d. 30th November 2011

From Rob Strachan:
I write with the sad news that John Bibby who graduated with myself and John Perry in 1978 has just passed away (last week I believe). If you look at the pictures of us in the 2003 reunion [below] you’ll see a group holding some beers up with Bill Perkins, John is on the right. Apparently he had had cancer for some four years and had retired from teaching last year. All I really know is that John had taught A-level chemistry for many years and had had some form of cancer for ~4 years which eventually caught up with him.

Photo at George III

Nigel Hunkler-Brown, John Perry, Bill Perkins, Rob Strachan, John Bibby

John died on the 30th November 2011. He graduated in 1978, in Joint Honours with Chemistry. He taught Chemistry at Oldham Hulme Grammar School for 24 years and was a well loved and respected teacher and colleague. He was also a part-time Open University tutor (Science Foundation) for many years and did many courses himself, passing most with distinction and also winning the national Challenger prize for Oceanography. His main interests were mountaineering, paragliding, travel and he also was in charge of lighting for many school productions and church pantomimes.
He was married to Rosemary for 19 years. There are no children. His sister, Catherine Breen, also did Chemistry at Aber, graduating in 1976.
John was diagnosed with multiple myeloma (a cancer of the plasma cells) in 2008. It is a treatable but currently incurable cancer. He underwent extensive treatment in 2008 and enjoyed two years of relatively good health in 2009 and 2010, when he was able to return to part-time teaching. The cancer returned in 2011 when he took medical retirement.

Donations to the charity Myeloma UK in John’s memory are very welcome. Myeloma UK is the main myeloma charity. It provides information and support to sufferers and their families and campaigns for new drugs and research into finding a cure.

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